Building a custom home is, quite literally, making a dream come true. The benefit to custom home building is that you get to design and select nearly every single element that comprises your home. The custom home building process consists of many steps, each of which happen in a well-planned sequence. Everyone’s experience will be unique, and some steps will take longer than others, but the basic road map is the same. LS Kingdom Homes is ready to assist you with all of your questions, and help you begin your journey to livable luxury.


Building a home is a wonderful and educational experience. The process of seeing your dream home from start to finish is amazing. Your home is most likely your largest purchase. We understand that while designing and building a new custom home can be exciting and fun, it can also be intimidating and sometimes a little scary. Our building process helps ensure that our client’s experience is exciting, unique, pleasurable, and predictable. Finally, balancing between desires and cost, our experience and expertise will help you make well-informed decisions, which will allow you to have your dream home and will provide you with the best long-term value in your new home.


LS Kingdom Homes' mission, along with delivering a custom home of exceptional quality, is to have our clients be as happy and excited during the building process as they are the day they move in. After all, there’s nothing more groundbreaking than actually breaking ground on your custom home. And from that moment forward, your personal builder will keep you informed throughout the construction process.